Gas Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Battery Care Kit

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  • Gas Golf Cart Battery Care Kit
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Product Description

There is only one 12 volt battery in each gas golf cart or utility vehicle, but without it being in good working condition, you won't be going anywhere, so you should take steps to keep it in top condition. The Golf Cart Battery Care Kit offered here will help to provide you with practical tools for battery maintenance. Included with each kit is a 32 oz Battery Acid Neutralizer with sprayer, 2 oz Battery Anti-Corrosion Gel, 3 Wood Handle Brushes (one plastic bristle, one brass bristle, and one steel bristle), and 3-in-1 Battery Cleaner/Scraper. Please see the following descriptions for more information:

Battery Acid Neutralizer: This product is an environment-friendly acid neutralizer for cleaning your golf cart battery terminals. Use a clean, non-metallic paintbrush to reach all the nooks and crannies. As the battery acid is neutralized, the color changes. Residue is neutral and will not harm the environment. Each 32 oz bottle also includes a sprayer.

Anti-Corrosion Battery Gel: Corrosion is bad news in your battery compartment. Paint on a thin layer of our Anti-Corrosion Gel and your troubles are gone. As a gel, this product adheres to the terminal, protecting it from contact with oxygen. By limiting its exposure to oxygen, you also limit it's ability to produce corrosion.  Each 8 oz container has a small brush attached to the lid for handy application.

3-Piece Wood Handle Battery Brush Set: Great tools to help remove nasty corrosion from your battery terminals. These toothbrush sized (7") long wood handled brushes have three different bristle types.  Included in this set is a brush with plastic bristles, one with brass bristles, and one with steel bristles. 

3 in 1 Golf Cart Battery Cleaner/Scraper: Wondering how to remove the nasty corrosion from your top post battery terminals on your golf cart? The 3 in 1 Golf Cart Battery Cleaner/Scraper is the answer. Made of heavy duty aluminum with steel scraping edges, this golf cart battery tool is light and durable. The tool is four pronged with a handle on one end. The tools include a positive and negative post scraper /cleaner, and a flag terminal scraper to clean the inside of your old terminal. This tool will only work for golf cart batteries with top post mounting systems.

Each of the items described above is also sold separately. 

Chemical resistant gloves, goggles, and apron are recommended when handling acid-laden batteries. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not take any products internally.

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