EX-RAY Universal Speedometer Kit

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  • Alltrax EX-RAY Multi-Function Golf Cart Electronic Speedometer
  • Functions of the Alltrax EX-RAY Golf Cart Speedometer
  • Alltrax EX-RAY Universal Mounting Bracket for Electronic Golf Cart Speedometer
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Product Description

Many states and provinces have enacted the “Low Speed Vehicle” laws to allow golf carts, NEV's(Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), and LSV's (Low Speed Vehicles)to drive on public roads at 25 mile per hour or less). Most original equipment manufacturers do notprovide speedometers for golf cars, people movers, small utility vehicles, electric powered (or gas powered) small vehicles. Applications never required them.

However, as the market evolves with after market modifications, speed and distance are important to the driver. We have heard customers ask questions like:

  • How much range do I have?
  • Am I exceeding the speed limit?
  • How far did I travel?
  • What motor temperature should I stop?
  • How many hours can I run on the batteries?

The EX-RAY is the answer. The EX-RAY is a digital speedometer with external magnetic tooth sensor mounted to the wheel hub, a remote temperature sensor located on the DC motor, and a DC feed for backlighting and power the warning LEDs.

Please click "Related Documents" just below the price above to view the EX-RAY installation instructions as well as other pertinent information.

EX-RAY Features:

  • Speedometer:
    • Current Speed
    • Average Speed
    • Maximum Speed
    • Selectable MPH/KPH
  • Temperature:
    • Ambient Air Temperature
    • Electrical Motor / Gas Engine Temperature
    • Dual Programmable Temp Lights
    • Temperature Sensor mounts to motor
    • Selectable °F/°C Display
  • Distance:
    • Adjustable Distance
    • Permanent Odometer
    • Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display
  • Clock:
    • Hour Meter
    • Stop Watch
    • Ride Time
    • Accumulated Ride Time
    • Selectable 12/24 Hour Display
  • Power Input :
    • Universal Power Connection
    • Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC
    • Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed
    • Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost
  • Support and Special Design Features:
    • Aluminum T6061 CNC display mounting bracket Custom Designed for Exact Golf Cart Model Fit
    • All Parts Included to Complete Installation
    • One Year Warranty
    • Unlimited Free Alltrax Inc Phone and Email Support
    • Waterproof Connections Included
    • Bright White Backlit LCD Display (Slightly blue illuminated hue)
    • Auto shutdown after 1-2 minutes of inactivity
    • Auto turn on when wheel speed is measured


Note 1: The universal kit available from this page includes a 5051 aluminum mounting bracket with a corrosion resistant clear anodize, display mounting hardware and shock mount, and a stainless clamp that will fit most steering column tubes. See pictures above of universal mount. 

Note 2: This kit is only long enough for normal golf carts. If you're ordering this for a stretched or multi-passenger personnel carrier, please call us and we can supply an extension for temperature sensor.

Note 3: Only the universal kit is available from this page. We also offer model specific kits withint this section as well with a more sturdy custom CNC machined blue mounting bracket.

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