E-Z-GO 36V Multi-Solenoid F-N-R Conversion Kit, ITS Throttle, Series Motors ONLY

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  • 36V Heavy Duty Multi-Solenoid F-N-R Direction Selector System for EZGO Golf Carts
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Product Description

Upgrading the forward-neutral-reverse direction selector on a series golf cart is the most often overlooked component in high performance upgrades.  In many cases, just replacing the stock F-N-R direction selector switch with a heavy duty direction switch will be adequate.  However, with high amperage controllers, big motors, lift kits and other modifications, even the heavier duty versions may not last.  For this reason, we've developed an exclusive kit to convert your existing mechanical direction selector switch to a multi-solenoid style system. The system is certainly more expensive, but in the long run, it is much more reliable and dependable. 

As a starting point, we have developed this first sytem ONLY for use with E-Z-GO 36V electric golf carts and utility vehicles from 1994-2008, with and ITS throttle input and a series wound motor.  This multi-solenoid conversion will NOT work on E-Z-GO products with a 0-5K ohm potentiometer throttle input or vehicles with separately excited motors.  We will eventually release a kit for use with 0-5K ohm throttle boxes.

To get this conversion to market, we will be introducing several generations (or revisions) as we progress forward.  This is generation one and further revisions will follow as available.  When you order this kit, you will receive the following: 

  • 1) 4 terminal 36V single throw solenoid, silver contacts, 200 Amp Continuous, 600 Amp Peak (master solenoid)
  • 2) 6 terminal 36V double throw solenoids, silver contacts, 200 Amp Continuous, 600 Amp Peak (directional solenoids)
  • 1) 3 Position F-N-R Selectro Toggle Switch
  • Detailed Proprietary Wiring Diagram (not available separately at any cost without purchase of this kit)
  • 1) E-Z-GO Key Switch Plate with key hole and F-N-R toggle cut-outs (not pictured)
  • 2) Black Plastic Drive Rivets to attach new key switch plate to dash (also not pictured)

At this time, that is all you will receive.  You will be responsible for removing the existing mechanical F-N-R switch and fabricating an acceptable bracket to mount these solenoids onto, preferably out of aluminum since it is strong yet non-magnetic, so it won't interfere with the magnetic fields of the solenoids.  There is no wiring included with this generation one conversion kit.  You will be responsible for making your own power wires to connect the solenoids to each other, and to the motor and controller.  These wires need to be a minimum of 4 gauge or you will experience melting issues.  You will also be responsible for all control wiring as well.  These small wires carry little amperage and can be made out of 14-16 gauge wire like the rest of the control wires in your cart.  Be sure all wires are tight and all crimps are sound. If the system fails due to miswiring, poor crimps, or other installation errors, Golf Car Catalog will assume no responsibility for replacing damaged parts.

We are in the process of developing a generation two kit as out next version.  The Gen2 conversion will consist of an aluminum plate with all three solenoids premounted and prewired between them.  This version will not include any wiring leading from the plate to other components and will be the responsibility of the buyer to make those connections.  The final conversion kit will be our Gen3 conversion will consist of the components listed above, premounted and prewired as in the Gen2 version, but we will also include all wires, large and small to completely wire this kit into your cart.  We realize some of you want to do things yourselves and others don't. For this reason, once all three generations of this conversion kit are completed, the will all be offered simultaneously, so you can purchase as much or as little as you like. 

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