Club Car AMD 7123 6.1 Non-Peak HP @ 4600 RPM, 36 Volt, 24 MPH, ("The Raptor" - Higher Speed & Torque) DC Electric Motor

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  • Club Car AMD 7123 6.1 Non-Peak HP @ 4600 RPM 36 Volt 24 MPH Raptor Electric Golf Cart Motor
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Product Description

This is a Advanced Motors & Drives motor which is rated at 6.1 Non-Peak HP @ 4600 RPM for a 36 volt electronic speed control system. The motor mounts via a 10 tooth female spline coupler used with the Graziano and Kawasaki axles. These axles were used in Club Car and older Yamahas.

"The Raptor" is not for the faint-heart. Packs tons of speed and horsepower if used if accordance with the guidelines below. Motor can also be used in 48V applications and will provide even higher speeds than listed below. Please call our toll-free number for specifications on this application. At 48V, this motor produces around 9+ HP @ approx 6100 rpms and can achieve speeds in the 25-30 MPH range.

NOTE: Using this motor on a 36V car requires:

1. Excellent Batteries

2. # 4 Gauge Battery Cables & Power Wires

3. Good clean, corrosion-free connections

4. Good Contacts on V-Glide and F&R Switch


Motor ID #

Non-Peak HP @ RPMS

Peak HP with stock 36V 225-275 Amp Controller
Peak HP with 36V- 400 Amp Controller

Vehicle Speeds (MPH) Up To

AMD 7123
6.1 @ 4600
10.0 HP
15 HP


This is a series wound motor for use with a series or fleet system only.  Not for use with Power Drive Plus (Regen I or II versions), IQ, or any other Club Car golf cart or utility vehicle with a separately excited motor and regenerative braking. On Club Car products, if you have a manual lever style direction selector beside the driver's leg, you have a "series" system. If your cart has a toggle style rocker switch in the same location rather than a shift lever, it is a separately excited system, and this motor will not work in that application. Another "tell-tale" sign is if your cart has a "Tow/Run" switch inside the battery compartment towards the front wall. If you have that switch, you have a separately excited system, and if not, it is a series version.

Motor is not recommended for use with stock controller (unless in absolutelty flat area on a non-lifted cart with 4 gauge cables) , and will increase your top end flat ground speed (with standard 18" tires) up to 24 mph @ 36V. However, top speed performance is usually at the expense of low end torque with DC electric motors.  This motor will provide a significant boost in speed, but will lose some overall low end torque.

Do NOT use this motor with any cart with resistor style speed control. Electronic speed control use only, preferably 400 Amp or larger.

For someone who is mainly focused on speed, this motor would be good for a flat environment, but with the proper auxillary upgrades will work great on lifted carts as well..  If the cart is lifted with larger tires, or will be used in a hilly location or pulling application, you might want to consider using a Higher Amperage Controller (500 Amps or higher) to improve your torque as well without sacrificing speed. Depending on your application, you may also need to upgrade to Heavier 4 Gauge Battery and Power Cables as well as a Heavy Duty F-N-R Switch, Performance Solenoid Contactor Relay, and Performance Solenoid Resistors & Diodes.

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