Universal Holiday Decoration Lights

1.00 LBS
Usually ships within 24 hours

  • 12 Volt DC White Christmas Lights
  • Golf Cart Holiday Decoration Lights
  • 12 Volt DC Christmas Wreath on Truck
  • 12 Volt DC Holiday Light Plug
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Product Description

Our Holiday Lights can be installed on your golf cart, car, truck, boat or anything with a 12V DC power source. Standard christmas style lights except.... they don't plug into the wall. They plug into a cigarette lighter or 12V DC outlet standard on all modern automobiles. Great Parade Lights! Simple, easy, plug-n-play, add more!

One strand includes 25 feet (with a 12 foot lead piror to the first light) of 25 white lights. The lights are only available in white at this time; however, the bulbs can be substituted with any standard multi-colored regular Christmas Tree Lights. These strands will plug into any 12 volt power outlet, a cigarette lighter or could be hard wired directly into any 12VDC battery source.

Each strand features a male plug on one end and female on the other, so you can easily link multiple strands in series. As many as three strings of lights came be strung together, however, upon exceeding this limit, the lights may start to dim as a result of low current. To resolve this issue, where more than three strands are required, please install a 'splitter', which may be purchased inexpensively at any store that sells automotive parts. 

Please scroll through our pictures above to view the lights installed on a golf cart, the lights installed on a wreath on the hood of an automobile, the lights alone, and a close-up of the power supply plug.

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