Harley Davidson/Columbia Par Car Golf Cart Electric Service Manuals

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  • Harley Davidson & Columbia Par Car Golf Cart Electric Service Manuals
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Product Description

Select the appropriate Service Manual for your electric Harley Davidson or Columbia ParCar Golf Cart from the Option menu. These are complete shop manuals for maintenance and repair of the entire car. Parts manuals are separate publications; please call Golf Car Catalog a call at 1-800-328-1953 if you would like more information.

Special Notes:

Harley Davidson started building golf cars in   1963.  The early versions had the Classic body where the entire rear body hinged up from the rear to reveal the engine/battery compartment...lots of room to work.  From 1967 until 1982 the gas engine changed very little but there were several variations to the electric models.  In 1976, Harley introduced the DE-40 36-volt electric model.  It was followed by the MG-IV with a similar but different electrical system.  The DE-40 and the MG-IV had a '8D' prefix to their serial number string (found on a plate at the very back of the driver seat attached to the frame).  Around 1982 Harley became Columbia ParCar and the gas 2-cycle engine had significant changes in the design.  In 1996 Columbia installed a 9hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 4-stroke engine and the 2-cycle went away.

Around 2001 Columbia ParCar started manufacturing electric road-legal Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs).  The Eagle model golf car and the Summit models (both available in a 4-passenger version) featured seat belts, hydraulic brakes, turn signal indicators and other automotive accessories.  These LSVs typically have 48-volt drive systems and a 17-digit vehicle ID number.  If you want a Service Manual for these 48-volt electric models order the manual for 2003 and up.  It will come dated December 2007 but it is the only manual with the information about the brakes and electrical system.  There is no information about gasoline vehicles in this manual.

Many of the Golf Car Companies no longer re-print their Service Manuals. Rather they have them photo copied, especially with the models. This is the only way we can purchase them.

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