Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Battery Filler Bottle

Accessorie Battery:00318
1.00 LBS
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  • Golf Cart Battery Filler Bottle
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Product Description

Periodic checking & filling your golf cart or utility vehicles batteries with water, preferably distilled, is an unpleasant task at best, but someone has to do it. Watering should be done at regular intervals, at least once a month, for optimal battery life.

This 2 quart plastic jug will make the job much easier. It fills each cell of the battery with water and shuts off automatically when the proper water level is reached. The special cap allows only the necessary amount of water to enter the cell.

Note 1: Please use distilled water for best results.

Note 2: Be sure to secure the battery caps and it's a good idea to wash off the batteries and compartment after watering.

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