48V AC Power Conversion System, Many Golf Carts

48.00 LBS
Ships within 2-3 weeks

  • 48V Golf Cart AC Conversion System Motors
  • 48V AC Golf Cart Cart Conversion Kit Controller Mounted
  • 48V AC Conversion Kit for Golf Cart Uninstalled
  • 48V AC Conversion Kit Gauges & Switches for Golf Cars
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Product Description

The AC Edge is Here!

You've been hearing about AC motors and controllers for some time.  We've been building installing AC conversions onto custom vehicles in-house since about 2004.  We've got many years of testing, a great supplier, and several dozen satisfied AC customers under our belt, including some celebrities. We're finally offering this kit for sale to the general public for installation. 

As a preface to our AC kit presentation, we need to say that this kit is not for everyone.  It is expensive to DC counterparts, but the benefits in efficiency, and performance are well worth the money.  This is not a motor and controller upgrade and this is not for your grandma's golf cart.  This is a complete change of the electrical system of your cart. Almost everything must be gutted from your existing cart, and the kit will help you upgrade the entire electrical system from the ground up.  So, that being said, if you do not have a reasonable knowledge of electricity as well as mechanical skills, this kit may not be your cup of tea.  In which case, you'll want to seek out a reputable and knowledgeable shop in your area to complete the installation for you.  We do not have the margins or this item, nor the man power to provide unlimited technical support on this installation.  It comes with great instructions and is not rocket science to install, but it is involved.  For the price listed, you will receive one free hour of technical support via phone, or e-mail. Anything above and beyond that level of tech support will be pre-paid in advance by the hour at a rate of $85/hour, which is our standard shop labor rate.

Please check out all of our pictures above.

Kit Basics

  • 18 Horsepower and 81 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • 6000 RPM Motor
  • 25 MPH without Gear Change
  • Full Regenerative Braking to zero speed
  • Higher Torque, Lower Power Consumption
  • Fits Club-Car, EZ-Go, Yamaha, Columbia Par-Car, Or any Graziano or Dana-Spicer Differential
  • No brushes or commutator
  • Golf/Street mode switch
  • Zero to 20 MPH in under 3 1/2 seconds!


  • System Voltage: 48 volts, 6 or 8 Battery systems can be used. 36-volt systems must be upgraded to 48 volts. 
  • Powerful: Our AC Motor has higher torque, better acceleration and hill climbing capabilities than conventional DC system, without sacrificing Drivability or Efficiency. 
  • Regenerative Braking: Regenerates back to the batteries down to zero speed decreasing the use of mechanical brakes, increasing run time, also will not allow vehicle to run away downhill. The steeper the hill means more power back to the batteries, as much as 150 AMPS! 
  • Power with Control: Having a lot of power doesn't mean losing control. Our AC System has very precise speed control. 
  • Golf Mode: In Golf Mode, speed is reduced to 12 MPH, also acceleration and Regenerative Braking are reduced to prevent loss of  traction on grass. Hill climbing torque is NOT reduced.  
  • Street Mode: 25 MPH, Increased acceleration & Full Regenerative Braking power.  
  • Multi-Function Display: Generally used as Speedometer and for text messages. 
  • Limp Home Mode: With an AC System, performance degrades very little as battery voltage drops, so we have built in a "Limp Mode" to get you home when the batteries are low. This will drop the max speed to approximately 15 MPH.
  • Efficiency: Although it is very powerful, the AC system is also very efficient, with 20 to 40% less Power consumption, drive time will definitely be increased.  
  • Miles on a Charge: The "BIG" Question. There are many factors that go into how far you will go on a charge; Speed, Terrain, Vehicle weight, Type and number of batteries are the main ones. One thing is for sure; you will go farther with an AC system than you will with a DC system, Period.
  • 100% Maintenance Free: AC Motors have no Brushes to replace and no Commutator to resurface.  
  • High Speed Motor: Our AC motor can run at very high speeds without any possibility of damage. There are no Armature windings to sling apart, so Motor Speeds up to 6000 RPM will give you 25 MPH without changing Gear Ratios in the differential and losing hill climbing torque. 
  • Safety: Hold on Hill will keep car from rolling away on a hill, one should always-set parking brake though.  
  • Brake Lights during Regenerative Braking, System automatically turns on brake lights when the accelerator pedal is released and Regen Braking is applied.  
  • Flexibility: This system can be tailored to an Individuals needs. If you want different Max Speed, more or less Regenerative Braking or different acceleration can be set to fit your personal preference.  
  • Upgradable: Our controllers are software controlled, so future upgrades are a matter of either a software download or just change the "chip".  
  • System Includes: AC Induction Electric Motor, AC Motor Controller, Wiring Harness, Dash Display, Controller Mounting Plate, 48V Solenoid, and 3 Position Toggle Switch and Instructions. Does not include 2 gauge battery cables.  They are available upon request for an additional charge.  We don't include them because the lengths of cables will vary between applications due to brand of batteries, location and mounting of batteries and whether you use four 12V's, six 8V's, or eight 6V's.  
  • Installation: We offer complete Installation at our North Carolina Facility. Installation is not included with the purchase of this kit.  It is billable at $85/hour and depending on options usually takes the better part of a day to complete.  
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Controller and Motor


    From this page we only offer a 48V AC Conversion System, but we also offer a 72V AC Conversion System as well.  Due to the complex programming required to install, we will need to know a lot of information about your cart prior to shipping.  The controller comes pre-programmed to your specs for your cart. The details and variables are too complex to acquire through this internet interface, therefore, upon a completed order being placed online, our tech support staff will contact you via phone or e-mail to gather the needed details for programming.  Since this is specifically programmed for your needs and your cart, it may be 7-10 days before the system actually ships out. Be sure to fill out all of your contact information fully on your order so we can get in touch with you for programming details.  No kit will be shipped out for any reason without full required specifications and details of the cart onto which it will be installed being provided to GCC.com. To avoid any further delays in shipping, we strongly encourage you to contact us with your vehicle specifications prior to ordering. 

    We offer this system witha 600A controller from this page. 

    If you want to read more detailed information about this system, what it does, how it works, and is installed, please read our article, "The AC Edge"

    Please also visit our "Custom Carts" section online where we display many (not all) of the nice custom vehicles we've built over the years using this same AC Conversion System.

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