Electric Speed Control Parts

Electric Speed Control Parts

Before there was all this newfangled technology and solid state electronics, there was the good old mechanical speed control switch. Golf carts are the original electric vehicles and have been using mechanical electric switching systems for more than 60 years. 

Pre-electronic electric golf carts are often referred to a resistor carts due to the resistor coils within which operate in conjunction with the speed switch. As the golf cart's accelerator pedal is depressed, it activates a rod which is connected to the speed switch.  The speed switch arm has a moving contact embedded in it and moves across a series of stationary speed switch contacts.  Each contact is connected to a separate resistor. Each successive resistor has less resistance than the previous contact and as the speed switch wiper arm moves across them in order, it disconnects the previous circuit and connects to a new circuit containing a new resistor with less resistance.  This process allows more power to flow to the motor through the later resistors thus increasing the speed of the golf cart.

Golf Car Catalog offers a large selection of components for this resistor, pre-electronic style of propulsion system.  We have speed switches, contacts, contact boards, wiper arms, wiper contacts, and resistor coils for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha and other golf cart brands. 


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