Golf Car Catalog offers a great selection of belts, both drive and starter/generator for a wide variety of golf cart brands and models, including EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Columbia Par Car, Harley-Davidson and others.

The golf cart drive belt is the larger (1" to 1 3/16" wide), longer and usually looser belt on gas golf cars. It connects the drive clutch (on the engine) to the driven clutch (on the differential) and transfers the power of the engine to the rear wheels. The belt should be loose and free of cracks or delamination. As the thickness of the belt wears down, the pulling power of the car can be greatly compromised.

The golf cart starter/generator belt is similar to the 'V' belts on automobile alternators. They are thinner, shorter and should not be loose or floppy. It should not have cracks or delamination either. This belt connects the starter/generator to the drive clutch on the engine. It starts the engine and then, at higher RPM, begins to recharge the battery, hence the name starter/generator.


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