About Golf Car Catalog

In order to explain the origins of Golf Car Catalog, we must first discuss Mountaintop Golf Cars, Inc., which is the local business out of which the website sprang. Mountaintop Golf Cars, Inc. was founded by John C. Triolo (Jack) in 1983, to address the need for local golf car sales and service at many local clubs where Jack had formerly been employed. 

Mountaintop Golf Cars and Golf Car Catalog are located at about 3,500 feet in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of NC in a small town called Foscoe, which is just south of Boone, the home of Appalachian State University. Mountaintop Golf Cars is a long time E-Z-GO/Cushman dealer, and maintains a local repair facility, where we work on all brands, makes, and models of golf cars, utility vehicles, and LSV’s.

Due to the seasonality of the local business, Jack was forced to find a creative way to supplement the company’s income through the winter months.  Many of our local customers are seasonal and are only in this area for 4-6 months of the year.  The rest of the year, many of them retreat to warmer climates as the winters in this area can be quite cold and brutal due to our elevation.  The answer was The Golf Car Catalog, which was the world’s first retail mail order catalog for golf car parts and accessories, which was launched in the mid-80’s. 

Several paper versions were printed through the years.  However, paper catalogs require a lot of effort and as with most bulk mailing, many never reached their recipients.  Once the internet became a viable medium, The Golf Car Catalog abandoned its paper format and moved online in 1995.  Around Thanksgiving of 1998, Golf Car Catalog took another step forward, launching our first website with full e-commerce electronic payment capabilities. 

Since that time, Golf Car Catalog has launched multiple revisions of its online store, with the newest being launched in spring of 2012. Golf Car Catalog continues to strive to bring the latest and greatest golf car accessories and parts to our customers domestically and around the world at a fair price.  With 30 years of golf car experience under our belt, and more than 17 years in the internet arena, Golf Car Catalog can easily meet your most challenging technical needs.