Club Car Serial Number Guide

Club Car has employed a fairly standard serial number location and format since around 1981.  Prior to that, they used a different numbering system.

From 1975-80, Club Car always had three separate foot pedals, one for acceleration, one for braking, and on for a parking brake.  If you see a Club Car with three pedals, it is certainly within this time frame.  The serial number for Club car golf carts made between 1975 and 1980 can be found by lifting the seat bottom assembly.  Look at the aluminum I-beam located just inboard of the driver’s side battery bank. Please view our picture below which shows the location of these serial numbers. Here are a few examples of the older format:

Format 1: A2493

Format 2: N11199

Pre-82 Club Car Three Pedal System  serialguide-clubcar-anim-pre80.gif

From 1981-Present, Club Car has produced several golf cart models, including the DS and Precedent, as well as numerous utility vehicles, industrial equipment, and personnel carriers.  But, since the 1981 mark, the location of the serial number has been fairly standard and universal amongst all of these models. It is usually located towards the middle of the vehicle where the floor mat meets the bottom of the dash.  It is typically printed onto a sticker or metal tag in this location. Also, modern Club Cars only have two pedals, one for acceleration and second which serves as a combination stop brake and parking brake. Please view our picture below to view the location on most modern Club Car models. Models form the 1980's have the sticker slightly towards the passenger's side of the cart, while newer models have the number more towards the center of the vehicle.

Generally, the modern Club Car serial numbers have a letter as the first (and sometimes second) digit.  The letter based prefix code indicates the model of the vehicle.  Please see chart below.  The next two digits after the letters indicate the year.  All numbers following the space or dash are the sequential number in which that vehicle rolled off the line in its assembly year. 

Format 1:  AG8414 – 53441 (1984 Gas DS Model)

Format 2: A9451 – 534223 (1994 Electric DS Model)

Club Car 81 Up Serial Number Location

New Vehicles       New Vehicles Continued      

Two Letter


Vehicle Description

Mapics Part


Car Type Two Letter Vehicle Description

Mapics Part


Car Type
A DS Electric (ALL prior to separation of models) OBSOLETE  101799401 Golf


Carryall 272 Gas 102014701 Utility
AA DS Golf Electric (Electronic Controller) 101609301 Golf QH Carryall 472 Gas 102335201 Utility
AB DS Golf Electric (V-Glide) 101690301 Golf QP Pathway Golf (IQ-P)  102401302


AC DS Golf Electric (Regen) 101965801 Golf QS Villager 6 Plus (HDIQ) 102836101 Utility
AD Pioneer 1200 Gas  102234101   Utility  QT Turf 2 Plus (HDIQ)   102836001  Utility
AE Pioneer 900 Gas  102234201  Utility  R Turf 2 (Electronic Controller) Same as "S"     Utility
AF  Cafe Express  102276401  Utility  RA BCT, GAS AWD (Restyle) 103179203  4x4
AG  DS Golf Gas  101906801  Golf  RB BCT, Diesel AWD (Restyle) 103179103  4x4
AH  Pioneer 1200 SE Gas  102335101 Utility   RC CA, Gas AWD (Restyle)  103179102  4x4
AQ  48V DS Golf Electric (Curtis IQ)  102241401  Golf  RF CA, Diesel AWD (Restyle)  103279202  4x4
AZ  Indio Chassis IQ 4-Wheel Brake   CCX5678  Golf  RG Turf 2 Gas  101961001  Utility
Chassis Only Elmco Electric (Electronic Controller)     Golf  RH HUV, Gas AWD (Restyle) 103179301  4x4
BB  Chassis Only Street Rod Electric (Electronic Controller)  101794402  Golf  RJ HUV, Diesel AWD (Restyle) 103179401  4xB
BA Chassis Only Indio Electric (Electronic Controller)  101830502  Golf  RK HUV 4221 XP Diesel AWD 103176402  4x4
 BC  Chassis Only Ultra Electric (Electronic Controller) 101830504  Golf  RL HUV 4221 XP Gas AWD 103179302  4x4
BD Bobcat 2200 - Diesel
 Utility  RR CA, Homologated, AWD 103179501  4x4
BE Bobcat 2200 - Gas    Utility  RT RSC 1550 Gas AWD 103179104  4x4
BK  Bobcat 2100 - Gas 102341401  Utility  RX XRT Gas AWD 103179101  4x4
BL  Bobcat 2100S - Gas 102456401  Utility  RY XRT Diesel AWD 103179201  4x4
C Electric Indust. Vehicle - OBSOLETE       S Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller)    Utility
CE Champion - Electric  102536901  Golf  SC 4x4, 4 Pass, Gas, Carryall  103179702  Utility
CF  Champion - Gas  102537201  Golf  SD 4x4, 4 Pass, Diesel, Carryall 103179802  Utility
CG Gas Industrial Vehicle, OBSOLETE

   SG Turf 272 Gas
CP  CHASSIS, DS, IQ, CUSTOM CAR  103256001  Golf  SH XRT 1200 OEM (H1)   102719601
CQ  CHASSIS, INDIO 48V IQ  102305401
 Golf  SX XRT 1550 SE GAS AWD
CS  CHASSIS, CUSTOM SOLUTIONS STANDARD  102688701   Utility  T Villager 4 Electric (Electronic Controller) 
D Four Passenger Electric (also known as Fairway Villager) (Electronic Controller)  102428903   Transportation  TB AWD, Gas Bobcat 2300  102827703
DB  BOBCAT AWD, DIESEL  102428902   4x4  TC AWD, Gas Carryall BT  102827702   4x4
DC AWD, DIESEL, CA  102428902
 4x4  TD AWD, Diesel, Carryall Homo BT  102785801   4x4
DG  Four Passenger Gas (also known as Fairway Villager)  101914501   Utility  TG Villager 4 Gas  101914502  Utility
DH  AWD DIESEL OEM (H1)  102718501
 4x4  TH AWD, Diesel BCT Homo 2300  102785802
 4x4 TL  AWD, Diesel Carryall BT  xx102827803
DS  102474001  -  48V DS POWER DRIVE SERIES LC  102474001  Golf TR  AWD, Diesel XRT BT  xx102827801
Carryall 2 Electric (Electronic Controller) 
 Utility TT AWD, XRT 1550 INTELLITACH  102827701   4x4
EA  Carryall 2 Electric Industrial Truck (CE)  102165501
Utility TX  AWD, Gas XRT BT  102827701
EG  Carryall 2 Gas  102099901
 Utility UB AWD, 4 pass Gas Bobcat  102805103
 F Carryall 1 Electric     Utility  UC AWD, 4 pass Gas Carryall  10285102
 FA Carryall 1 Electric Industrial Truck (CE)  102165001   Utility   UL AWD, 4 Pass Diesel Carryall  102805202   4x4
FD  Carryall 1 48 Volt IQ  102810201   Utility  UR AWD, 4 Pass Diesel XRT 102805201   4x4
FG  Carryall 1 Gas  101913301   Utility  UT AWD, 4 Pass Diesel Bobcat   102805203  4x4
FQ  Villager 4, 48V, IQ System  10224102   Utility  UX AWD, 4 Pass Gas XRT  102805101   4x4
G Tourall Electric 36V  1014752   Transportation  VG Turf 6 Gas   101926202  Utility
GB  Bobcat AWD, Gas  10248803   4x4  WG 19th Hole Gas  102073001   Utility
GC  AWD, GAS, Carryall  10248802   4x4  WH Chassis, Deluxe Beverage Unit Gas  102317001  Utility
GG Tourall Gas  1014753   Transportation  XE X2, Electric  102811001   Utility
GP  AWD, Gas, Pioneer  10248801   4x4  XF X2 Plus, Electric  102811101   Utility
Turf 1 Electric (electronic Controller)     Utility  XG Turf 2 XRT Gas  102003001  Utility
HA  DS Electric 36V Solid State (1994) Obsolete     Golf  XH X2 Gas  102810801   Utility
HB  AWD, Diesel, Bobcat, Homol  102686603   4x4  XJ X2 Plus Gas  102810901  Utility 
HC  AWD, Diesel, Carryall, Homol  102686602   4x4  XT IR-CUV (Tractor Supply)  102939701  Utility
HD  Turf 1 48 Volt IQ  102825801  Utility   XU RSC XRT 900  102234202  Utility
HE  H2 Electric  102811401  Utility   YG 19th Hole Deluxe Gas  102073301  Utility 
HF H2, XP, Electric  102811501  Utility  ZG Carryall 2 XRT Gas  102184401  Utility 
HG  Turf 1 Gas  102072901   Utility        
HH  H2, Gas  102811201   Utility  Certified Factory Remanufactured Vehicles     
HJ  H2, XP, Gas  102811301   Utility        
HP  AWD GAS OEM (H1)  102718401   4x4  Serial Alpha  Vehicle Description  MAPICS Part Number  Car Type
Transporter and Carryall 6 Electric (Electronic Controller)     Utility  
JA  Carryall 6 Electric Industrial Trucj (CE)  102166001   Utility  1A Reman Model 1 48V      Reman
JG  Transporter and Carryall 6 Gas  101926201   Utility  1B Reman Model 1 36V 
JK  Turf 252, 48V Elec IA Plus  103330001   Utility  2A Gold Std Golf Car 48V 
  102386303  Reman
JP  Transporter 6, 48V Electric IQ Plus  102933301   Utility 2B Reman Golf 03 Regen 
 102386503  Reman
JQ  Transporter 6, Gas Key Start  102944301   Utility  2G Reman Golf 03 Gas
   102386403    Reman
JR  Carryall 6 Electric IQ Plus  102933101   Utility   2P  Prec Gold Std Golf Car     103331601 
JS  Transporter 4, Elec 48V IQ Plus  102933201   Transportation  2Q Reman Golf 03 IQ
 10238603   Reman
JT  Transporter 4 Gas Key Start  102940201   Transportation  3A Reman S710 
JU  Carryall 6, 11HP Gasoline KS  102944101  Utility   3B Reman L320 1023834
JV  Turf 6, 11HP,  Gas Pedal Start 102944201  Utility  3C Reman C410 
 1023827    Reman
Villager 6 Electric (Electronic Controller)     Transportation  3D Reman C440   1023828   Reman
KG  Villager 6 Gas  101924801   Transportation  3E Reman L310  1023832   Reman 
All Limo Electric (prior to separation of models) Obsolete     Transportation  3F Reman C810  102829  Reman
LA  Limo Electric (Electronic Controller)     Transportation  3G Reman C840  1023830  Reman 
LB   Limo Electric (Regen)  101985701   Transportation   3H Reman S910  1023831  Reman 
LC  AWD, Gas Long Bed Chassis  102947001  4x4  3J Reman 57 Chevy  1023825  Reman 
LD  AWD, Diesel Long Bed Chassis  102847101  4x4  3K Reman L330  1023833  Reman 
LE  Limo II Electric (req by Joy Chaney, will replace LB)    Transportation   3L Reman DV2  1023867 Reman
LG  Limo Gas  101735801  Transportation  3M Reman 65 Mustang Refurb  1023867  Reman 
LH  Limo II GAS (req by Joy Chaney, will replace LG)    Transportation   3N  Reman V2  1023869  Reman 
LJ  Limo Electric (Asian Limo Project)  102963401  Transportation  3P  Prec Golf Std 4-Pass  103331701  Reman 
LK  Limo Gas Asian Limo Project)  102963501 Transportation  3R Reman DV4  1023868  Reman 
LL  Lego Land Chassis  CCX5678  Transportation   4A Reman Lynx 03 48V  10238703  Reman
LX  Gas Lynx 9.0 HP  CCX5938  Transportation   4B Reman Lynx 02 Reg  102387702  Reman 
Villager 8 Electric (Electronic Controller)    Transportation   4G Reman Lynx 03 Gas  102387503  Reman 
MG  Villager 8 Gas  101924901  Transportation   4P  Prec Gold Std Handyman  103331801  Reman 
Transporter, Transsender, Carryall VI Electric (Elect. Controller) Obsolete 
Utility  4Q  Gold Std Lynx IQ  102387203  Reman 
NG  Transporter, Transsender, Carryall VI Gas - Obsolete  101927401  Utility  5A  Reman Box 03 48V  102386203  Reman 
NQ   Pathway (NEV)  102241403  Golf  5B  Reman Box 03 Regen  102386203  Reman 
NR  Pathway (New Yorker)  102241404  Golf  5G Reman Box 03 Gas  102384703  Reman 
PA  1 Pass (produced by SoloRider, Model 32)  D-1PASS  Golf  5Q  Gold Std Handman IQ  102386103  Reman 
PD  Precedent I2L Excel  103339201  Golf  6A  Reman 4 Pass 03 48V  102384203  Reman 
PE  Precedent Electric - 4 Pass  102537301  Transportation  6B  Reman 4 Pass 03 Regen  102384503  Reman 
PF  Precedent Gas - 4 Pass  102537401  Transportation  6G Reman 4 Pass 03 Gas  102384303  Reman 
PG  Carryall 2 Plus Gas  101960701  Utility  6Q  Gold Std 4 Pass IQ  102384403  Reman 
PH  Precedent I2 Excel  103399101  Golf  RE  Reserve Golf Car 48V 3 Yr Old  102671605  Reman 
PL  Player - Electric (not available)    Golf  RE  Reserve Golf Car IQ 3 Yr Old  102671705  Reman 
PM  Player - Gas (not available)    Golf  RE  Reserve Golf Car 48V 1 Yr. Old  102629403  Reman 
PQ  Precedent Professional - Electric  102536801  Golf  RE  Reserve Golf Car IQV 3 Yr. Old 102629504  Reman 
PR  Precedent Professional - Gas  102537101  Golf  7A  Silver Std 48V Golf Car  10267401  Reman 
PS  Precedent L2 - Electric  102537501  Golf  7B  Silver Std 48V Handyman  102627501  Reman 
PU  Precedent I2 Signature Excel  103399501  Golf  7C  Silver Std 48V 4-Pass  102627601  Reman 
PT  Precedent L2 - Gas  102537601  Golf  7D  Silver Std 48V Lynx (IQ)  102627701  Reman 
PY  Precedent Signature Gas Golf  103228901  Golf  7E  Silver Std 36V Golf Car  102627801  Reman 
PZ  Precedent Signature Elect Golf  103229001  Golf  7F  Silver Std Golf (IQ)  102795201  Reman 
QA  HD IQ - CA1 (not available)    Utility  7G  Silver Std Handyman (IQ)  102795401  Reman 
QB HD IQ - CA2  102772901  Utility  7H  Silver Std 4 Pass (IQ)  102795301  Reman 
QC  HD IQ - CA6 102772601  Utility  7J  Silver Std Lynx 4 Pass (IQ)  102795801  Reman 
QE  HD IQ Villager 8 Plus  102836201  Utility  7K Silver Std Lynx  102795501  Reman 
        7L  Silver Std Lynx Pass (48V)  102795901  Reman 
        8A Gold Std Lynx 4 Pass (48V)  102795701  Reman 
        8Q  Golf Std Lynx 4 Pass (IQ)  102795601  Reman