Winterizing Your Golf Cart – Main

If you are planning on heading elsewhere for the winter, or just retiring your golf car until the warm weather returns, it’s a good idea to prepare it for long-term storage.

Performing routine maintenance at the end of the season will ensure that your golf car performs down to par when you bring it out in the spring. If you use your car year ’round, it will save you money to give it a routine checkover every six months anyway.

The information provided in this section is a step-by-step checklist of certain mechanical and maintenance aspects of your golf car that anyone can easily do. Performing this maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and money. Whether you just want to make┬áthe best of what you now have or you are looking to buy a used car, these simple procedures show you where to look for trouble and how to respond. They require only a few tools: reasonable eyesight, an adjustable wrench, a good stiff wire brush, a pocket knife, an old paintbrush and a garden hose. It’s not a bad idea to have a grease gun and an electrical multi-tester, but they are not required.

Preparing an electric car for a winter rest is a little different than preparing a gas car. So, we’ve broken them up & provided different pages for each. And for those that might be in the market for a different set of wheels, you will find this checklist mentions various danger signs that foretell trouble down the road.

Electric Cars

Gas Cars

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