Removing Your Steering Wheel

Type of Car: Both Gas and Electric

Subject: Removing your steering wheel.

Problem: I just bought a new Grant Steering Wheel and a Dash Cover. Both require that I remove the old steering wheel. How can I do that?Solution: You are wise to ask. If you start banging on the end of the steering column, you could very well damage it permanently. Incidentally, not all dash covers require that you remove the steering wheel. Some have cutouts beneath the steering column and you merely slip it on.

At any rate here is how you remove your old steering wheel:

1. Carefully remove the steering wheel center plate. Check the back of the the cover plate and see if it is held on by any screws. If so, remove them and it will come right off. Other center plates, like the newer E-Z-GO’s, just snap on and off.

2. You will find that the steering wheel is held on by a single nut, usually 15/16″. With a proper wrench or socket back this nut off until the top of the nut is flush with the top of the steering shaft.

3. Position yourself in the driver’s seat with your feet up on the dash, as in the picture below. Tap the center of the steering column with a metal punch while exerting pressure with your knees on the underside of the steering wheel. A couple of taps and you will feel it pop loose.

4. When the wheel comes loose from the splines, remove the nut, then the steering wheel.

5. Install the Grant Steering wheel according to instructions. Same for the dash cover.

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