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Performance Forward & Reverse Switches

This section contains much heavier duty forward and reverse direction selector switches for several modern golf carts incljuding EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. These switches have much thicker copper contacts to help with higher amp (current) loads with other performance upgrades such as higher amp controllers and motors.

Mechanical forward and reverse switches like this carry the full amp load of the car any time the controller is powered up. Until now, there have been no heavier duty F-N-R switches available to compliment other high performance upgrades. It is trongly recommended that when installing high performance upgrades that you also install either a heavier duty forward and reverse switch such as this or replace the mechanical switch all together with two 6 terminal solenoids and a three position control switch. For this application, please give us a call for specifics and wiring options or check out our multi-solenoid F-N-R Kits in this section.