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Battery Terminals & Battery Cables

Within this section, Golf Car Catalog features golf cart battery cables in 2 gauge and 4 gauge versions for high performance applications, as well as the standard 6 gauge battery cables which are standard on most brands and models of golf carts and utility vehicles. We also offer complete golf cart power cables sets in those same gauges sa well.  While golf cart battery cables connect only the batteries together, power cables connect everything else which uses high current. A golf cart power cable set also includes the battery cables. We offer battery cables and power cable sets for most modern golf car brands including EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha and more!

For those of you not familiar with wire sizes and the terminology of gauges, there is an easy way to make sense of this system.  The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire.  For example, a 4 gauge wire has a larger diameter than a 6 gauge version, and 2 gauge wire has a thicker diameter than 4 gauge. Also, keep in mind that not all performance cables are created equal; the higher the strand count the more flexible the cable will be and the better it will conduct current.  All of our golf cart battery cable and power cable sets are produced from high strand count wire.

We also carry a wide selection of battery terminals and battery cables ends for all manner of golf cart applications.  

For more information about your batteries, battery terminals, battery cables, and how to care for them, please read our article "All About Batteries.

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