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13 & 14 Inch Negative Offset Wheels

Golf Car Catalog offers a complete line of 13 and 14 inch wheels, in both center mount and negative offset. Center mount wheels have the mounting flange in the middle of the wheel, equidistance from each side. A negative offset wheel has the mounting flange moved to the inward side of the wheel which pushes the entire wheel outward to allow clearance for wider tires.

A 13 or 14 inch wheel is usually not standard on a golf cart, but is easily retrofitted with a low profile tire such as a 205x30-13 or 205x30-14 on a non-lifted cart, or with a 23 x 10 -14 size with the aid of a lift kit. If you see a tire size with a "13 or 14" on the end, such as 23 x 10 -14, then that tire mounts onto a 14" wheel.

We offer 13 and 14 inch wheels in polished aluminum, machined aluminum, chrome and mirrored finishes. For further information, please read our blog article "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Tires & Wheels".