Brake Cables

All modern golf cars use automotive style drum brakes in the rear wheels and they are activated by steel cables located under the car. The brake cables are a forgotten part of the golf car until the brakes need adjusting or a cable breaks (no pun intended). Typically, they begin to fray and they can break inside the housing where you can't see. Other times battery corrosion will cause a sudden failure. Check your brake cables at least once a year. Golf car brakes should always be adjusted at the rear wheels and not at the cable. The cable is for adjusting the proper hill brake tension, NOT for adjusting the shoes.

Each golf car manufacturer has made numerous different brake cables over the years. The problem with replacing the cables is that everyone has a different measuring system. For our catalog, we've measured the cables based on a standard brake cable guide. The measuring techniques for housing and overall length are listed below. Using the year model for brake cable replacement is not always accurate. To ensure that you get the correct cables, please measure your cables before ordering.