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Beacon Lights

Golf Car Catalog offers several Beacon Light options for a wide variety of golf cart, utility and electric vehicle applications.  These lights are typically not brand specific and are fairly universal in their design and function. Beacon lights are not used to help the driver of the golf cart to see others, but rather as a warning to help others see you.  

Beacon lights are often used in industrial and recreational applications, such as warehouses, racing events, and many other applications where visibility and safety are concerns. They can be mounted onto any flat surface such as the top or the front cowl. You just have to wire into a 12V DC power supply.  

Our two basic types of beacon lights are: 

  • Strobe Beacon Lights (which feature a flashing or strobe light within)
  • Rotattin Beacon Lights (similar to old law enforcement lights which have a stationary light bulb and a moving reflector)