EZGO Parts

Golf Car Catalog offers thousands of EZGO parts and accessories for all of their golf cart, utility vehicle, and personnel carrier models and lines.  We offer parts for EZGO golf cart models as far back as the 60's, to their ever popular TXT golf cart model, all the way to their new RXV golf cart and the 2FIVE street legal Low Speed Vehicles  Everything to keep your EZGO running and looking like new is right here at The Golf Car Catalog.

Unlike many of our competitors, who are purely online retailers, Golf Car Catalog is unique in the fact that we are also a local EZGO golf cart dealer and repair facility.  With over 35 years in this business, combined with our immense product and repair knowledge, we can support your EZGO parts needs better than many other companies.


This section is purely dedicated to EZGO Parts only. We have other sections which contain parts specific to Club Car, Yamaha, Columbia / Harley, or our Parts section which contains parts for all brands. Please click the link above to continue to our EZGO Parts selection, where you'll find:

Accelerator and Brake Pedal Parts F-N-R Switches, Microswitches, and Key Switches
Bearings, Seals, O-Rings, and Gaskets Fuel Pumps, Pump Rebuild Kits, and Fuel Tank Parts
Drive Belts, Starter Belts and Timing Belts Ignition Coils, Ignitors, RPM Limiters, and On Board Computers
Brake Shoes, Brake Cables, Brake Drums, and Brake Hubs Leaf Springs and Shocks
Carburetors, Rebuild Kits and Intake Parts Mufflers and Exhaust Components
Drive Clutches, Driven Clutches, and Clutch Pullers Service Manuals, Parts Manuals, and Owners Manuals
Accelerator Cables, Governor Cables, Shifter Cables, and Choke Cables Front and Rear Axles
Engines, Engine Parts and Rebuild Kits Steering and Front Suspension Parts
Electric and Electronic Speed Control Parts Spark Plugs, Wires, and Leads
Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, and Tune-up Kits Starter / Generators and Parts