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Battery Watering Systems & Components

Batteries are the most misunderstood and most forgotten component of any electric golf car or electric vehicle. Although many say " Maintenance Free", there is no such thing. All lead acid batteries require cleaning and removal of corrosion as well as checking and topping off the electrolyte level periodically. Frequently cars arrive at our shop with corrosion all over the batteries due to bubbling and overfilling of the cells or have no electrolyte at all in them. Filling batteries to the proper level is not difficult, it just requires the right tools, such as a battery filler bottle or a single point battery watering system available in this category.

Wihtin this section, you'll find:

  • Single Point Watering Systems (made by Battery Watering Technologies formerly Battery Filling Systems of America)
  • Water Delivery Items for Single Point Watering Systems (including gravity fed fill tanks, watering guns, & manual hand pumps)
  • Deionizer Sytems, Cartridges, & Parts
  • Jumpers, Tubing & Replacement Parts for all BWT / BFS kits