This section contains golf cart Windshields, including fold-down (split) and solid (one-piece) windshields, manufactured with either a polycarbonate (unbreakable) or an acrylic (breakable) resin. Clear & tinted shades are also offered. Also within this section, we offer many golf cart windshield repair parts and short sporty windshields.

These windshields include retainer strips designed to attach the windshield to the windshield frame (please see important note below).


 You must have a windshield frame on your golf car in order to mount any of the windshields listed in this section.

Some golf car tops have front support legs and some do not. You cannot attach a windshield if you do not have any front support legs (or posts or struts or whatever you want to call them). Many older golf cart tops do not have front legs at all. They are supported by the rear legs only. This is true on early Harley's, some Melex's & E-Z-GO's, and especially on Yamaha G-1's. If you don't have front support legs, don't order a windshield!!