Yamaha Electric Motors

Yamaha Electric Motors

Golf Car Catalog offers a wide variety of golf cart motors specific to Yamaha.  By and large, the motors are DC powered, with the exception of our AC conversion kits and have a full line of both series wound and sepearately excited (regen) motors.  We carry motors almost all Yamaha golf cart models, including the G1, G2, G8, G9, G14, G16, G19, G22, G29, & Drive versions.

Our motor brands include:

  • GE (General Electric)
  • D&D Motor Systems
  • AMD (Advanced Motors & Drives) 

Golf Car Catalog carries Yamaha motors in the 36V & 48V range and can tailor these motors to help you get the most for your money and application.  We have motors for torque, motors for speed, and can develop comprehensive upgrade packages to do whatever you need.


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