Performance Gears

Performance Gears

This section contains various performance gear sets for a variety of golf cart makes and models including EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha. For some models, they are available with a 15:1 gear ratio (provides low end torque), 8:1 (medium speed) and 6:1 (high speed).

Performance gears have been around forever in many different applications, like racing. However, they only made it into the golf car market in recent years. Performance gears not only include those designed for low torque, high speed applications, but also encompass those gear sets designed for high torque and low speed.

Since golf cars have a fixed gear set in a non-shiftable configuration (the differential), you have to choose a performance gear set wisely. Be sure to select the proper gears for your intended application, taking into consideration the terrain.

Most golf cars have a factory installed gear set (gas and electric) of about 12.5:1 ratio(the motor turns 12.5 times for each rotation of the drive wheel). This is a moderate gear ratio that provides reasonable speed (14 mph) for golf course use and adequate torque to pull up steep hills with 800 lbs of people & golf bags. If you install an 8:1 gear ratio, for instance, in a car that previously had a 12.5:1 ratio, it would increase the top end speed from about 14 mph up to approximately 20 mph. If you install a 6:1 ratio gear set, your top end speed would increase up to just shy of 27 mph. If you need to know how to calculate your speed, call us and we can give you the formula to do so.

All of that speed is not without a price. Anytime you install a high speed gear set, you will achieve that high speed, but you WILL absolutely lose low end start up torque. Think of it as starting your automobile in third gear instead of first. It would have a hard time getting moving until you got up to the speed you would typically use in third anyway. Don't get too carried away with the fast gears, especially if you intend to use the car in a hilly area or haul heavy loads. If you already have or intend to install oversize tires, such as 20" or 22" tall tires, the low end start up torque is compromised--higher speed gear sets will make that worse. If you live in the mountains like us, don't even entertain high speed gears. You will never be satisfied with the the hill climbing performance without further modifications to the electrical drive system or gas engine.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are high torque gears. The numbers get higher and the gearing gets lower. Some gear sets are available to achieve more torque and are typically, 13:1 or 15:1. These gear sets will increase your torque significantly but, again, not without a cost. By installing low speed, high torque gears, your top speed will be limited by the gears.

If you have any questions about which gear set might be right for your application, please give us a call and consult one of our technicians.


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