Golf Car Catalog offers a large selection of microswitches for use in various applications for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Columbia and many other golf cart brands.  As the name implies, a microswitches is a small switch.  

Microswitches are used in many golf cart applications.  They are use at the accelerator pedal to provide a signal to the solenoid that you have depressed the pedal and are ready to go.  In an electric golf cart, the solenoid sends power to the controller to move the cart.  In a gas golf cart, the solenoid sends power to the starter/generator to start spinning the engine.

Microswitches also serve a purpose as part of the forward and reverse direction selector switch on many golf carts. In this application, they can be used to provide a signal to indicate which direction the switch is in, or to activate a reverse buzzer. 

Whatever the golf cart brand, Golf Car catalog has microswitches for all applications.


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