Lights and Electrical Accessories

Lights and Electrical Accessories

Golf Cart light kits can add a lot of functionality to your golf cart. Additionally, front & rear lights provide the convenience of using your car at night and more important, being seen by other drivers while driving around at dawn, twilight and in foggy or bad weather conditions. In this section we offer individual 12-volt, 36-volt & 48-volt head & tail lights and entire custom kits made for your golf cart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Golf carts using any combination of 8V batteries are not readily compatible with 12V accessories since no combination of 8V batteries provide a useable 12V power supply. For this reason, you might want to consdier a DC to DC voltage reducer which connects to your full 48V battery bank and outputs a useable 12V power source to accessories. We have 10,15 and 25 amp versions available depending on your needs. Please read and understand our section about voltage reducers found in our Electrical Accessories Section and refer to the 'All About Lights' article on our Blog for further information. 

Within this section, you find a wide variety of lights and electircal accessories to make your golf cart more functional for your application.

  • Beacon & Strobe Lights for industrial and manufacturing applications
  • Electrical gauges, installation accessories, speedometers, switches, and voltage reducers
  • Dash warning lights
  • Installation Accessories (fuses, brackets, wiring kits & harnesses, and flashers / bases
  • Complete light kits including head lights, tail lights, brake lights, horn, and turn signals
  • Individual head lights, tail lights, and parts thereof
  • Replacement light bulbs
  • Spot lights & running lights
  • Turn signal switches
  • Undercar LED lighting kits


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