Lift Kits, Brake Upgrades, Heavy Duty Suspension

Lift Kits, Brake Upgrades, Heavy Duty Suspension

Golf Car Catalog was one of the first retailers to offer golf cart lift kits online back in the late 90's. Our selection has grown over the years to include drop axle, a-arm, spindle, and long travel version of lift kits for many brands makes and models of golf carts! We still remain commited to carrying quality golf cart lift kits at a fair price, placing our customers' safety above the need to make profits off cheaply made products.

With any golf car modification, there are certain pros and cons to consider and I would like to take a moment to present them.  The speed, torque, and gear ratio of your car should be considered when lifting the car.

When a lift is added to a golf cart, larger tires generally follow suit.  With a gas or electric cart, the tires are a specified size to work efficiently with the gear ratio in the differential.  By increasing the overall height of the tires on your golf cart, you may gain a little faster top end speed, ONLY on FLAT ground.  This is due to the fact that larger tires roll further with each revolution than smaller tires.  However, this also puts more strain on your motor (electric) or engine (gas) to move the larger tires at the same rpms at which the smaller tires were turning.  This strain will actually work against you when climbing an incline.  Since your engine or motor has to work harder anyway to pull an incline, the larger tires will produce even more strain and cause your hill climbing speed and load carrying torque to be greatly reduced.  The larger the tires, the harder the cart will have to work to pull you up a hill or carry a load.

Another concern to take into consideration is the fact that your center of gravity has been greatly raised along with the cart.  This means you will not be able to take turns as fast as you were previously used to and that you need to be a little more careful on hilly terrain.  Raising the center of gravity also has a ‘pro’ side.  By doing so, your clearance from the ground is increased and the ability to navigate tougher and hilly terrain increases. 

Be sure to check out full line of disc brake kits, including both hydraulic versions for the front of your golf cart, and also cable activated disc brakes for the rear!


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