Leaf and Compression Springs

Leaf and Compression Springs

Golf Car Catalog offers a large selection of leaf springs and coiled compression springs for use with EZGO and Club Car golf cart, utility vehicle and personnel carrier models.  Leaf springs are made from layers of curved spring steel, called leaves, which are banded together for additional strength and support.  They usually have an eyelet hole on each end where they can be mounted to the golf cart with a bolt which goes through the bushings and spacers within the eyelet. The greater the number of leaves in a leaf springs, the more weight it can support and the stiffer the ride of the golf cart. Most golf carts do not have a truly independent front or rear suspension. The leaf springs support the weight of the golf cart and passengers and add cushion to your ride.  The shocks merely limit the length of vertical travel of their cushion. 

Compression springs are not commonly used on modern golf carts, but were used in older cart models.  They look like a big coiled spring and were typically used on selected golf cart models for the rear suspension only.

We also offering rubber eyelet bushings, steel eyelet spacers, shackles, hardware and other parts to help mount your new leaf springs.


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