Forward and Reverse Switches

Forward and Reverse Switches

Golf Car Catalog offers a large selection of forward and reverse switches for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Harley, Columbia and many other golf cart brands.  These forward and reverse switches can vary greatly from cart to cart. 

Some manufacturers use a mechanical and electrical switch on their electric golf carts which use series wound motors.  These forward and reverse switches have four stationary copper contacts and four rotating contacts. By moving the direction selector lever, you effectively disconnect the circuit for one direction and reconnect it with the opposite polarity to change the golf cart's direction.

Other electric golf carts may use a toggle style forward and reverse switch.  These golf carts have a separately excited electrical system with regenerative braking. The switch is low current and only sends a signal to the controller which actually does the polarity switching internally to change direction. Still others use a forward and reverse switch contained within the key switch.  These systems can either be series or separately excited systems. 

And there are still further differences for forward and reverse switches used on gas golf carts.  By and large on a gas cart, they are just a handle which pulls shifter cables leading back to the rear end to change direction.


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