Electronic Speed Controller Repair Service

Electronic Speed Controller Repair Service

This category contains a wide variety of rebuilt speed controllers for many models of golf carts and electric vehicles. All of our rebuilt controllers are repaired by a certified rebuilder and have a one year warranty against repair defects. Rebuilt controllers can often be a cost-effective way to get your car up and running quickly.

WE DO NOT STOCK REBUILT CONTROLLERS. This is a REPAIR SERVICE and not an "exchange" program. You must send us your controller, and we will send the exact same unit back to you, repaired. The process generally takes 10-15 business days.

The price you see listed on each product page is the cost of repairing your controller, including core charge. In order to complete this transaction, add the item to your shopping basket and check out with your credit card and personal information. Then you must print out the controller rebuild form on the product page and mail it in with your controller. 

Determination of whether a core is rebuildable rests solely with our repair company. If your core is not rebuildable (either due to melting, explosion, etc.), we will attempt to find an replacement of the same model, but can not guarantee one will be available. If you have opened the case of your controller, if it is severely melted, severely corroded, or if has been underwater, it is often not repairable. However, sometimes even controllers which look good from the outside may not be rebuildable. If your controller is not rebuildable, we will notify you and attempt to find a solution for you. We will return non-rebuildable controllers upon request, for the cost of shipping.

If you do not see your controller listed, please call us at 800-328-1953. Many controllers not listed can be repaired.


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