Driven Clutches

Driven Clutches

Golf cart driven clutches bolt onto the input shaft of the differential and they have one fixed pully half & one sliding pully half. The sliding pully half has a bushing that moves back & forth on a main shaft. The clutch is driven by the belt action caused by the spinning drive clutch on the engine.  The entire collaboration of the driven clutch, driven clutch and the belt connected them is called a CVT or continuously variable transmission.

The thickness of the drive belt, the condition of the bushing & shaft, grooves worn into the driven clutch faces and too much separation of the sheaves can cause power loss and belt damage. 

Golf Car Catalog offers a great selection of driven clutches and clutch repair parts for EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car, Columbia Par Car, Harley-Davidson, and many other golf cart brands and models.


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