Drive Clutches

Drive Clutches

Golf cart drive clutches attach to the crankshaft of the engine and usually require a special puller tool to remove them due to their tapered or keyed shafts. As the speed of the engine increases, flyweights inside the clutch force the pulley sheaves (or halves) to come together. This closing action causes the drive belt to ride up the clutch face and forces the driven clutch sheaves to separate. The smooth give-and-take of these clutches provides a variable pulling ratio of about 3:1 at start up to about 1:1 at high speed. The entire collaboration of the driven clutch, driven clutch and the belt connected them is called a CVT or continuously variable transmission.

Thin drive belts, grooves worn into the metal of the clutch face, and worn or broken flyweights could all be causes of power loss.

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