Clutches and Clutch Pullers

Clutches and Clutch Pullers

Gas powered golf carts have two different clutches connected together by a thick drive belt. The drive (or primary) clutch attaches to the engine crankshaft. At rest, the drive clutch faces (sheaves) are separated by the wide drive belt. The driven (or secondary) clutch is attached to the input shaft on the differential.  The drive belt connects the two clutches to transfer power from the engine to the differential and ultimately to the golf cart wheels.

As the engine rpms increase, the fly weights within the clutch are caused activate, which makes the outer sheave of the drive clutch pull inward towards the engine.  As this happens, the "V" shaped drive belt is forced to ride higher on the outer part of the drive clutch sheaves. This causes the belt tension to increase and as it does, the drive belt is pulled down between the sheave faces of the driven clutch.  This is ultimately how the power from your engine is transferred to the rear end - via your clutches.

We offer clutches for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Columbia, and Harley-Davidson as well as other golf cart brands 

For lots more information, please read our article "The Basics of CVT Clutches" within our Blog.

This section contains:

  • Drive (Primary) Clutches
  • Driven (Secondary) Clutches
  • Drive and Driven Clutch Pullers
  • Clutch Springs and Ramp Shoes


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