Accelerator Cables

Accelerator Cables

Golf Car Catalog offers a large selection replacement accelerator and throttle cables. You will also find various repair parts which are supplemental to those cables. Whether you have a Club Car, Yamaha or EZGO, or any other brand of golf cart, Golf Car Catalog has got the accelerator cable or throttle cable to keep it running.

Control Cables do just that - control various mechanical aspects of your golf cart. Control cables include accelerator, governor, transmission, and oil injection cables. Cables wear over time due weather, friction, and dirt even if contained within a housing. It is very important to check these cables periodically to avoid damage to your engine or being stuck on the 15th green. 

Accelerator or throttle cables, in particular, are connected both to the accelerator pedal of your golf cart as well as to the ground speed governor usually on the differential or rear end. When you depress the pedal, eh cable is pulled within the housing, which activates the governor.  The governor then activates either a governor cable or governor rod connected to the carburetor.  The further you depress the accelerator pedal, the more the accelerator cable is pulled, and the further the carburetor is opened, allowing more fuel and thus more power and speed.


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