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EZGO PDS (Precision Drive System) Electronic Speed Controller Performance Plugs

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Product Description

The Precision Drive System (hereafter called PDS), was introduced by E-Z-GO in 2000.  Not all 2000 models are PDS, though.  There are still fleet models produced without the PDS system. The easiest way to determine if you have a PDS or not is by examining the environmental black plastic cover which houses the controller and solenoid. If it has a series of diagnostic codes listed on the outside, it is most definitely a PDS system.

The PDS featured a separately excited motor (which allows for regenerative braking) and a somewhat programmable controller.  It is not programmable like the Alltrax product by the fact that you don't have all the options presented in a computer programmed environment. E-Z-GO elected to make it simle on the end user and limit the options on programmability.

On the outside of the the PDS controller (inside the cover of course), you'll see all kinds of multi-pin connectors going in.  There's one on the front facing side which goes no where.  It will either have a blank plug or a colored jumper wire looping back into another slot within the connector.  Depending on which plug is installed and which circuits are connected, the performance characteristics of the car can be drastically altered.  Since they are a whole lot cheaper and easier to install, you might want to try a different plug in your car to achieve the desired performance before upgrading the controller and/or motor.  We also have various motor and controller upgrades available if the selected plug does not perform to your satisfaction. The various performance plug options and colors are listed below.

  • All-Terrain Plug (blank plug with no jumper wires):  The motor's speed is detected via a throttle sensor and regulated to a top speed of 13.2 mph (21kph) directly by the controller.  The speed sensor allows for precise control of the downhill vehicle speed during compression braking.  This option does very little with compression braking. This option is enabled when a blank plug in installed.
  • Steep Hill (plug with dark blue jumper wire): This option includes all of the driving features of the All-Terrain plug, plus compression braking. Compression braking occurs when the throttle is released while the vehicle is moving.  The motor will electrically retard the motion of the vehicle until the throttle is repressed or the vehicle stops.  This is the strongest of the two compression braking options.  Top speed of this is also 13.2 mph as listed with the All-Terrain plug.  This option is enabled when the dark blue plug is installed.
  • Mild Hill (plug with yellow jumper wire): This option includes all of the driving features of the steep hill plug except that the compression braking feel is milder, and the flat ground compression braking speeds are 14.25 mph (23 kph) instead of 13.2 mph (21 kph). This option is enabled when the yellow plug is installed.
  • Freedom (plug with two red jumper wires): This option includes all of the driving features of the All-Terrain plug except that the flat ground and downhill compression braking speeds are 18 mph (29 kph) instead of 13.2 mph (21 kph).  This option is enabled when the red plug is intalled and is usually not available from the factory on fleet cars.

Please select your desired performance plug from the drop down menu below.  if you have any questions about which plug might be right for your terrain and use, please feel free to call 800-328-1953 and any of our trained E-Z-GO certified tech staff can assist you.

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  1. awesome

    Posted by dennis on 9th Mar 2015

    I bought a used ezgo text that has the double red wire (freedom plug) it was in kart already the kart performance is awesome on hills top end.etc.. I would recommend to anyone wanting an improvement in all around performance