Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Okay, so your local golf course doesnt have GPS in their golf cars. Or lets say they do, but you have your own private golf car and, of course, it doesn’t have a $5,000 GPS system installed. To The Green has developed a new GPS system for exactly these types of situations that retails for only $400.

Their pocked-sized unit comes programmed with information on almost to 200 courses, and more are available for download over the Internet. If the course you frequent isn’t in the database or online, you can program its coordinates in yourself. This process is fairly painless, but you still have to travel over the course, entering each location’s

information. After you are done, you can upload this information so other users and make use of it.

To The Green’s unit does have a few more unique features. It can automatically detect which course you are playing at based on your coordinates. Mounting hardware is also included so you can install it under your golf car’s top, or you can carry it in your pocket. Despite these features, the unit has some drawbacks. The information it displays is very limited, mostly due to the fact it can only display a few characters of text at a time. And with no graphical representation of the course, it is more of yardage locator than a full-featured GPS unit. Then again, this unit costs an order of a magnitude less than more advanced GPS systems. If you want a quick way to measure the distance to the green, but don’t want to fork over a couple of grand, this may be your best bet.

For more information, you can visit To The Green’s web site, or call them at 712-792-9215.

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