5 thoughts on “Must Read: E-Z-GO RXV Motor Brake

  1. I just stumbled on this thread from doing some research because I am having issues with a clients cart. I am not too familiar with the RXVs. I specialize mainly in Club Cars and Yamahas. Im just wondering why are the motor breaks overheating? My client was smelling something burning. I took off and took apart the motor break and found that it does have some blueing and the brake plate has heat cracks. the brake pad is a little over worn. I dont know what is causing the issue. Should i just replace the motor brake or is there other issues i should look for?

    • I think the bake pad material is just undersized for the heat produced by stopping the vehicle. Most golf carts have two pads per rear wheel, for a total of four shoes. It seems as the surface area of this pad is much smaller in area than the total surface area of the four pads on a typical mechanical brake set-up. Granted, some of the braking on the EZGO RXV vehicle is performed electronically which is controlled via the motor and the A/C controller. Their newer version of this brake which was introduced in mid-09, without the lever arm doesn’t seem to be any thicker, per say, but seems to be holding up better than the earlier one. Not much maintenance to be done of these brakes other than to just replace the assembly.

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