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Welcome to our Golf Cart Museum. This is a reference for anyone to discover what brand or model or year of golf car you own or just learn more about the history of the golf car. In most cases you will find pictures of the model and how to locate & decipher the serial number and year of manufacture code. All various models of a particular brand will be found under that brand heading.

As you can see, not all brands are active at this point in time. We are continuously updating and adding cars. Please help us make the Golf Cart Museum more complete and accurate. Drop us a line anytime. We welcome pictures and descriptions of whatever car you may own or know about. There are many cars for which we do not have pictures of any sort. We will be glad to catalog unique additions or any additional information you can offer. Please use the links below to visit each manufacturer’s page.

Golf Cart Museum: EZGO



Golf Cart Museum: Club Car

Club Car


Golf Cart Museum: Yamaha


Golf Cart Museum: Cushman


Golf Cart Museum: Western


Golf Cart Museum: Nordskog


Golf Cart Museum: Pargo


Golf Cart Museum: Royal Ride by Elmco

Royal Ride/ Elmco

Golf Cart Museum: Fairplay/Evergreen/Clark

Fairplay / Evergreen

Golf Cart Museum: Tomberlin


Golf Cart Museum: Bad Boy Buggies

Bad Boy Buggies

Golf Cart Museum: Columbia Par Car & Harley-Davidson

Columbia Par Car/ Harley-Davidson

Golf Car Museum: Taylor-Dunn / Tee-Bird

Taylor-Dunn / T-Bird

Golf Car Museum: GEM Car

GEM / Trans2

Golf Car Museum: Melex


Golf Car Museum: Hyundai / Max Car / ULB

Hyundai/ MaxCar / ULB

Golf Car Museum: Alis Chalmers

Alis Chalmers

Golf Car Museum: Autoette


Golf Car Museum: Davis 500

Davis 500

Golf Car Museum: Eagle


Golf Car Museum: Ford


Golf Car Museum: Honda


Golf Car Museum: Legend


Golf Car Museum: Misc.


Golf Car Museum: Otis


Golf Car Museum: Thomas


Golf Car Museum: Toro


Golf Car Museum: Viking


Golf Car Museum: Walker Executive

Walker Executive

Golf Car Museum: Bombardier



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    • Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for joining our Golf Cart Blog. We appreciate any construction participation form our customers and blog users. I have approved your first post. By doing so, that should now allow you to post comments on other posts. Just go to our Museum Page, Click on Viking and you should be able to post you pictures to that page. If you have any troubles, drop me a note at ( and I will try to help. Worst case scenario, just e-mail the pics to me and I can add them in manually. Thanks again for your participation.


  1. I recently purchase a Parrett Mfg Nassau Model 70 approx 1961 golf car. Does anyone have any information that they can share about determining the actual age through the serial number or any other resources?

    • We have seen a few of these over the years, but unfortunately, have never found any relevant information regarding serial numbers or how to determine the year via that information. Sorry to not be of more help.

  2. Hello,

    I am the photo editor for Wailea Magazine on Maui and am interested in finding images of the history of the golf cart for our upcoming spring magazine. Can you let me know who to contact about procuring some images via the Golf Cart Museum?

    • Apologies for the delay. Our resource for maintaining our blog has moved on, leaving much undone for some time. Please contact VP of Mountaintop Golf Cars, Inc., parent company of Golf Car Catalog, Michael Williams for further information on this matter at

  3. I am having trouble navigating. I am interested in any information on a Badger Canadian cart I picked up today from a garage sale. Anything would be appreciated and I would be happy to post pics if you are interested!
    Thanks, Don

    • We’ve seen a lot of different brands and models of carts over the years. But, this is one we have never heard of or seen. Would enjoy seeings pics if possible.

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