E-Z-GO Debuts 72 Volt AC Power System in Terrain Utility Vehicles

EZGO with 72 Volt AC Power SystemAt the PGA Merchandise Show 2013, E-Z-GO displayed its new 72 Volt AC power system which will soon be available as an option within their “Terrain” utility vehicle product line.  The 72 Volt AC power system features an Iskra motor, Curtis Instruments AC electronic speed controller, and nine 8 volt batteries. 

Partial shot of the battery bank for the new 72 Volt AC power system.  As shown, there are seven 8 volt flooded cell lead acid U.S. batteries within the normal battery compartment area.  Two more 8 volt batteries (not shown) are located underneath the rear utility bed.

Battery Bank for 72 Volt AC Power System

Curtis Instruments has long been been producing quality DC and AC controllers.  They have been utilized in electric material handling vehicles and aftermarket AC conversions for golf carts for a number of years. This use of a Curtis product is a departure from the Danaher AC controller E-Z-GO originally introduced in 2008.

 Controller for 72 Volt AC Power System

The AC 3 phase induction motor within their 72 Volt AC power system is manufactured by Iskra, a Slovenian company with US offices in Illinois, who also produces the 48V AC motors used within the RXV golf cart models.

Iskra Motor for 72 Volt AC Power System

E-Z-GO was the first manufacturer to introduce AC power into the golf cart industry with its release of the RXV model back in 2008.   The RXV golf cart has been very successful in the following years due to this drive train. AC power, by nature is more efficient than DC, thus this type of system delivers substantial savings on energy consumption plus offers greater reliability and increased range per charge. AC power systems are also renowned for producing a higher level of breakaway force or torque.  This extra torque has proved beneficial to customers in steep terrain such as the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, where we are located.  Maintenance costs are greatly reduced with AC motors due to the fact they do not utilize motor brushes as is common with many DC versions.

Bad Boy Buggies, also owned by E-Z-GO, has previously introduced similar 72 Volt AC power systems within several of their off-road hunting vehicle models. Their 72V models include the Recoil, Recoil IS, and the Instinct.

With previous success with AC power systems in other models, it is only a logical extension for E-Z-GO to extend this technology into other product lines such as their Terrain utility vehicles. A lifted utility vehicle such as the Terrain product line could only benefit from the added torque of an AC system, as well as the added range of 72 volts over 48 volts.

By Michael Williams

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