Caring For Your Windshield

Type Car: All Golf Cars
Subject: Care of Windshields
Tip: Keep your windshield scratch free.

  1. Acrylic Windshields are Breakable but made of a ‘hard’ materiel.
  2. Polycarbonate Windshields are ‘unbreakable’ but made of softer resins.
  3. Both Windshields will scratch. Oddly enough, the Poly windshield will scratch easier because itis made of softer materials.
  4. NEVER use Windex &/or paper towels!
  5. ALWAYS use a very soft cloth (diaper) and plenty of warm water & soap. A little automatic dishwashing soap will cause the water to sheet and avoid spotting.
  6. NEVER wipe dry.
  7. ALWAYS blot dry with a soft cloth.
  8. If the plastic extrusions that hold the windshield to the frame become worn or cracked, they will allow the windshield to flop and rattle around or slide down on the frame and damage the paint finish on the front cowl. Get new retainers and/or new clips via
  9. If the windshield is scratched but not badly, you can remove those scratches with our Windshield Polish & Cleaner and, of course, some elbow grease.
  10. If things have gone too far, just bite the bullet and get a new windshield. Golf Car Catalog has got you covered if you need a replacement.

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