Battery Watering System

Battery Watering Systems

Here is a product that may just be the answer to(what seems to us) be an unsolvable problem – Correct Watering of Batteries.

Example of a Single Point Battery Watering System

Problem: If you don’t water batteries correctly, you’ll cut down on the life of the batteries or ruin the batteries and/or destroy the surrounding holders and frame of the golf car.


Corroded batteries as a result of improper battery care

Answer: We, obviously, haven’t been able to get the word out there, judging by the number of people who contact us with problems. We try to educate with our “How to” articles on our website, Maintenance and Repair Tips, All About Batteries and so on. But the problem remains and it ends up costing the owners of the golf cars a lot of money.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the answer: “An Automatic Watering System”. Through an arrangement of hoses and valves they have created a system that you plug into a water source and – voila! – each and every cell in every battery is correctly filled. We saw two different systems at the show, but the one we have pictured here was our choice.

It had a lot of built in features:

  • Electrolyte level Indicator: Shows the battery level is proper.
  • Specific Gravity Port: Can check the specific gravity of the electrolyte without removing the plug.
  • Water trap: Keeps dangerous hydrogen gas from moving cell to cell.
  • Snap-lock floats: Insures proper electrolyte level control for the battery.

The cost of the system is not cheap.


A cutaway of the valves used with this system

Obviously the automatic watering systems would be most valuable to a golf course with a fleet of electric cars. One of the companies showing off their system had a “Cost Savings” information sheet that showed how much it costs in labor to manually water batteries in a fleet of fifty cars for a year versus the cost with an automatic system. With fifty cars, the cost of the systems would be a little over $7,000, but the payback savings would happen in a little over two years. In five years, you would save $7,880. An the system can be switched over to new batteries as the need arises.

This information only considers savings on the labor of watering. Add to this the costs of replacing the set of batteries because of improper watering and the longer life of the batteries with correct care and you can see these systems could save a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re interested in getting an automatic watering system, call us at 1-800-328-1953.

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