Adjusting Your Golf Cart’s Governor

Type of Golf Cart: Gas

Problem: “I would like to get a little more power and speed out of my golf cart’s engine. Can I adjust the governor?”

About Golf Cart Governors:

The ground speed governor, as it’s called among the golf cart manufacturers, is a mechanical device usually either inside or in someway related to the differential, which controls your top end flat ground speed to prevent the rpms of the engine from exceeding recommended specifications. Overreving a golf cart engine for extended periods of time without the control of a governor can cause serious damage or failure of your engine.

The governed speed of your golf cart’s engine can be controlled by several common methods. The most common among golf cars are a mechanical, adjustable, spring-loaded governor, which is usually inline with the accelerator cable, a driven clutch activated cable which pulls back the carburetor throttle lever (more common on 2 cycles), and an rpm or rev limiter.

Spring Adjustment:  The first common golf cart governor type is mechanical and is common on many makes and models. You’ll see some type of spring loaded mechanism in line with the golf cart’s accelerator system. Whether it’s located at the carburetor or sticking out as a pivot point from the differential, the principle is the same. Adjusting the tension on the spring will either increase or decrease your golf car’s speed depending on which way you turn it.

Clutch/Throttle Cable: The second common ground speed governor type is commonly used on 2 cycle golf cart engines. There is an arm located next to the driven clutch (secondary sheave). As the belt is pulled down into the clutch and it spreads, the outside or moving side of the clutch activates the arm which pulls a cable attached to the carburetor throttle lever. By mechanically pulling the throttle lever back, you decrease the gas flow to the engine and control the golf cart’s speed. This governor can be adjusted by adjusting the cable nut which holds the cable to the throttle lever. By making the cable longer, you effectively prevent it from pulling back the throttle lever, producing a higher top speed for your golf cart.

Spark Regulation: The third common type of governor is not mechanical at all but rather an electronic measure developed recently to prevent engine rpm tampering at all costs. The rpm or rev limiter is an electronic device which works in conjunction with, and sometimes even combined with, the golf cart’s ignitor, which limits the cars speed through spark regulation rather than the traditional method of fuel regulation as the other methods above. This rev limiter, especially if combined into a single component with the igniter is a much tougher adversary, because you cannot eliminate the igniter without losing your spark. This method is not impossible to work around to get more speed, but it might be one for the professionals.

NOTE OF CAUTION: As with any engine, there are limits to what your golf cart engine can do or could be expected to do, so be reasonable. Keep in mind that by adjusting a governor, you are exceeding the golf cart manufacturer’s recommended specifications, which can result in serious damage to your engine. So proceed at your own risk.

A Much Better Solution: Install a more powerful engine!

E-Z-GO: If you have a 295cc engine in your golf cart, going to a 350cc engine will make you smile from ear to ear. The really great thing about this conversion is that it is so simple. The new 350cc engine mounts up to existing mounts of the old 295cc engine. An experienced mechanic can make the change in about an hour and a half.

Club Car: If you have a 295cc engine in your Club Car golf cart, you can upgrade to Club Car’s 350cc engine. It will require a factory conversion kit but, again, it is not ‘rocket science’.

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