Safety Recall on 2015 E-Z-GO Gas Cars

Textron Specialized Vehicles, maker of E-Z-GO and Cushman products, has announced a recall for gas-powered cars produced between January 20, 2015 through May 5, 2015. There is a flaw in the fuel tank on the affected models that can cause a gas leak posing a fire hazard.

The affected vehicles include the E-Z-GO TXT, TXT 2+2, Freedom TXT, Valor, Express, and terrain vehicles, as well as the Cushman Shuttle, HD, LTO, and LT Safari models. If you own one of these cars, you are urged to call your nearest E-Z-GO/Cushman dealer for a free repair. Textron also recommends that if you use your vehicle prior to having repairs performed, you should not fill the fuel tank over half-capacity.

If you purchased a 2015 E-Z-GO or Cushman gas-powered car and are unsure if your car is included in the recall, you can check the date code, located below the choke handle. The affected cars range from code G2015 to L0515.

Golf Cart Electrical Systems Safety Recommendations

The electrical systems on your golf car are designed to operate in a wide range of environments and last for many years if well-maintained. Routine checks should be performed to ensure that a small problem does not become a major repair or cause injuries. This post is not about performing the maintenance, but about safety while using and servicing your electrical system. Continue reading

Battery Charger Circuit Boards: Care & Repair

Recently, we had a service call to repair a battery charger for a local business which wasEZGO Powerwise Battery Charger Circuit Board not operational.  The charger has been stored outside for years with little to no protection from the elements. Below we discuss our findings below and the condition of the battery charger circuit boards within.

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Battery Bank Changes for E-Z-GO 2FIVE LSV

A battery bank change is slated for the E-Z-GO 2FIVE LSV (Low Speed Electric Vehicle) scheduled for early springEZGO 2FIVE LSV 2014.  This change in their standard 48 volt battery bank will take effect on March 1, 2014.

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Speed Controller Failure: Degradation

Speed controller failure can happen in many forms.  The electronic speed controller inTypical Electronic Speed Controller your golf cart or electric vehicle is the most complicated component in the vehicle and is often considered the brain of the electrical system.  Although a book could be written on all of the various failures, for the purpose of this article, we’ll stick to simply performance degradation over time and use.

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Club Car Announces Restyled Carryall Utility Vehicles

Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced that its 2014 line of Carryall utility vehiclesClub Car Carryall 300 has been reengineered and restyled with a more powerful engine, a high-efficiency charging system and a bed box that protects and organizes equipment.

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Redesigned E-Z-GO Freedom TXT Travels In Style

AUGUSTA, Ga. — E-Z-GO introduces its redesigned Freedom TXT personal golf car,

EZGO Freedom TXTupdating the model’s classic look and proven performance and offering a host of enhancements to make the vehicle even more fun for the family, whether it’s crossing the fairways of the golf course or traversing the neighborhood paths.