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3 Sided Rain Curtains

Golf Car Catalog offers a great selection of quality American made 3 sided rain curtains and enclosures for Club Car, Yamaha, and EZGO golf cart brands, as well as many utility vehicles, and personnel carriers. A 3 sided enclosure has three sides, and is designed for use in conjunction with a golf cart which has a windshield to enclose the fourth side.

Note About Yamaha Rain Curtains: If you want a rain curtain for any Yamaha golf cart model, please call us at 1-800-328-1953 PRIOR to ordering.  It is very complicated.

In the beginning of Yamaha golf carts, the factory did not have tops or windshields for any of their cars. In fact it wasn't until about the time of the G-16 models that the Yamaha Factory began providing tops and windshields.

In the early days of Yamaha, you could get a top because a lot of aftermarket manufacturers started making tops for Yamaha. Every manufacturer had a different design and a different style. Then those manufacturers would change designs and sizes for a specific Yamaha model. What a mess! Dozens and dozens of different types of Yamaha tops for the same year/model of a single Yamaha golf car.

We are in the process of creating a whole section on as many different types of Yamaha tops as possible. We'll show pictures and give exact dimensions so you can correctly identify your top. Until then, we will need to have measurements and pictures of your top. We'd like to have a front, side and rear shot as well as a 'look down' shot of the top.

We're sorry that Yamaha created this mess but we're working to get it solved.