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Spark Plugs

Golf Car Catalog offers a full line of golf cart spark plugs from NGK, Autolite, and Champion for use with all gas carts from EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Columbia, Cushman, Harley and many others. The spark plug is one of the least expensive components on your golf cart to change, yet also one of the most overlooked.  If your gas golf cart is running poorly, always be sure to check that you have fuel, that your air filter is not clogged and that you have a spark at the plug. 

Your spark plug is the last component in your ignition system prior to internal combustion occurring within the golf cart's engine.  The points/condenser on older carts or the pulser coil on newer carts picks up a signal from the flywheel.  It sends this signal to the igniter, which amplifies it and passes it along to the ignition coil. The signal then travels down the spark plug lead and causes electricity to jump from the center and ground electrodes on the end of the plug.  It is this spark of electricity that will ultimately ignite the fuel and air mixture in your golf cart's engine to make it run.